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This is Us

Port Dover Sands is owned and operated by the Pichette family. 



Joelle takes care of business. She fields dozens of calls and emails daily, schedules bookings, checks our guests in and out, and provides orientation. She also schedules the cleaners, sets up the cottages and monitors inventory. Joelle is the go to person when guests have questions, concerns or need a restaurant recommendation. Joelle keeps us organized.


Justin is ground control. He is a master at keeping the pool clean and balanced; monitoring the water quality, and keeping it operating safely without that chlorine odour! Justin keeps the grounds clean, cuts the grass and clears the snow. He is our resident techie; taking care of all things internet, cable and TV related. Justin is our problem solver.



Cindy is our creative. She takes care of marketing, social media and web design. She keeps the cottages looking like new; painting, decorating, mending and fixing. Cindy likes a project and is always looking for something to do. She is our arts and crafts person.  

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